Teaming Partners

Federal Insights, LLC is a woman owned, small business providing federal health care business development consulting services based in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. We offer a wide range of tactical business development services from pipeline and call plan development to capture strategy execution.
Health Care Information Consultants (HCIC), a Baltimore-based, women-owned business, is a provider of healthcare information consulting services. HCIC was founded in 1990 to provide information management consulting services. Since our inception, we have assisted virtually hundreds of healthcare clients in a variety of technology and related issues. HCIC has evolved into a healthcare consulting organization that focuses on optimizing information resources, people, systems and technology.
Kelly, Anderson provides strategic consulting, business development, and business operational support services through a nationwide network of hundreds of expert consultants, most of whom are former Federal executives, managers, and technical experts. Kelly, Anderson also provides strategic management and business development services to organizations, from large multi-national companies to small businesses, seeking to provide their products and services to commercial entities and governments- U.S. Federal, state, local, and international.
Santesys Solutions provides product management, project management, marketing, communications, and health industry-related subject matter expert services to healthcare and health IT organizations.